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We take great pride in our sale horses and provide all known information about each one in order to ensure the correct horse and rider fit. Honesty is key to our marketing.  Feel free to contact us with additional questions, concerns, or to set up an appointment via our contact page.

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Dubai- SOLD

For Lease

200718-143033 RADNOR 9169K NaimarkPhoto-

Sinatra "Franco"- Currently Unavailable

Franco is the ultimate 2'6" packer. He happily takes both children and adults safely around the show ring. He is also quite content to just hang out and get a good grooming and some treats as well! Available for on farm full lease only.

Old Faithful "RC"- Partial Available

RC knows his way around a jump course and is happy to teach someone new to the equestrian sport. He is a simple ride that enjoys being loved on and fussed over. RC is available for an on farm parital lease only. Please inquire for pricing.

Awfully Ambitious "Rogue"-

Currently Unavailable

Rogue is the best learner horse. He is a patient teacher that allows the rider to grow. Perfect modified type horse. Available for a partial on farm lease.


Braveheart "Logan"- Currently Unavailable

Logan is an older Children's hunter that has taken a step down to be a competitive Pre Child/Adult hunter. He has a great jump, as well as, can get a piece of the hack. Logan is available for an on or off farm full lease

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